Are you a who-ore?

There's this test. Over here. It's a test to see how you compare to other women or men in your area. How so? Well, check it out and let me know your results.

And I'm taking the test... now...

HOLY HELL! I'm a slut.

5 more than average for my hometown.

I'm re-taking it again to see how I compare to my current town.

Yeah, I'm still a slut.


That test is RIGGED I tell ya!


(I hope)

Well, that's all I'll have for you until I return from the ski trip! I bet everyone will enjoy the silence. :)


Jess to the Lo said…
I'm a prude! I have 8 less than the average! :D I still love ya, even if you are a 'slut'
calicobebop said…
The stupid fire-wall at work won't let me take the test!

But, I'm sure it's rigged... :)
Anonymous said…
I didn't exactly see the skank / slut result but it says that I haven't been with as many people as everyone else our age. I argue that's not a horrible thing but whatever. :)
Anonymous said…
LOL, hysterical!

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