The Story of My Office

This was my office the day we purchased our home. Let me tell you, this wallpaper only stayed up about 10 minutes before being ripped down.

We then painted the room pink. Yes, pink. I fought Greg tooth and nail for this color.
I have never been more wrong in my life!

See below for the embarrassing decision I made:

Well, maybe if we get some furniature moved in, it'll look better....

Maybe if we get some decorations up?

Okay, so let's do something dramatic - let's create a focal wall!

Let me tell you, I hated that wall with everything I had. Not only was the base color still pink, it was only accentuating the Pepto feel you got while sitting at my desk. And instead of feeling better, I was making me nauseous.

Enter Target, Hobby Lobby and a few pieces I've picked up along my journeys. I repainted 3 of the walls a taupe color and the other wall is a pale turquoise blue. The books on the shelves will go soon, but I haven't figured out what to put up there yet. Thoughts?

Ta da! What do you think?


calicobebop said…
Damn! I'm impressed with your decorative talent as well as your initiative. When I hate the way something looks I just look at it and hate it. I never do anything about it... You're an inspiration!
Jess to the Lo said…
Looks great! Why are you not going to keep the books there? It's a bookshelf! :D I think the books would be fine there. Or, if you don't like the books you could always put a curtain covering the open bookshelf space or something? Just an idea. Or go to our wonderful IKEA and purchase a bookshelf that has doors or is covered.
Evil Stick Man said…
I agree with "leave the books there". Mebbe toss an easy char in there with a lamp, make it an office/library
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