A Post That Should Be About Braces

Should be. But I have had it up to *here* with these braces. Let.Me.Tell.You. And I'm only on day 2.

I'll talk about them when they aren't ripping apart the inside of my mouth and causing me all sorts of discomfort and pain.

Worth it?

Not at the moment.

I'm sitting here in my office with a cup of organic Chai tea that reads "Shh, I'm reading..." with a cat sleeping on my toes, keeping them nice and toasty. This is one of my favorite things in the world to do. There's not a whole lot better than a warm cat. I'm also in the process of removing a plethora of old, outdated programs on my computer which I have never used, such as Foxy Tunes for Firefox. Oh, and PhotoShow from RoadRunner that is 105MB and worthless.

I'm also trying to take a picture of me smiling with my braces, but what happens is a smile that will scare small children and animals.

Greg has told me numerous times that I'm beautiful and he thinks the braces make me look really cute. Now if I could just convince myself of that.

This is how I feel. Not Amused.

Maybe I can hide behind Max...

Okay, I'll show you...

Ta Da!

I promise a better picture is coming. I need someone else to take it though and Greg is asleep on the couch, so unless the kitties have working thumbs and can take a good photo, we'll just have to wait. :)

We have a birthday party tonight for a gal who I can't seem to get enough of. I'm really looking forward to seeing her and everyone else tonight. I should have some wonderful pictures to share with everyone. I'm taking a bottle of wine with and I just may not share it. I may self-medicate. We'll see. The night may be really interesting.


Jess to the Lo said…
My braces did the same thing to me when I first got them. It gets better. Hang in there!
Evil Stick Man said…
Yeah, after a month or two you don't even think about them!
Nicole said…
It really does get better.

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