Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dear Today...

Dear Monday,

You sucked ass. Thank you. And by Thank You, I really mean FUCK YOU.

Thank you for riding my ass every second of the day. You're lucky I have such awesome friends who were there for me and a wonderful fiance who took me out to dinner and change my day from craptastic to really not so bad.

Think about it the next time you roll around. You might want to change your attitude because I've just about had enough of you.



Dear Tuesday,

You started out great! What happened? Seriously. Did you have to take a shit about 2 hours into my work day? Honestly? Did you mean to be so damn tiring and hard?

I had such high hopes for you, my dear. Way to fail me.

Without Love,


Dearest Wednesday,

You are usually my favorite day of the week. Please don't suck.

I'll owe you one,

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have You Missed Me? The Only Possible Answer Is Yes.

I have been a hall-searching, dress trying-on, flower smelling, cake tasting fool the past month.

But I'm not here to talk about weddings, oh no. I'm here to talk about carpet. And how ours is now missing from the living room.

Hello original to the house hardwood floors! Goodbye nasty, smelly, infested carpet. (Okay, it wasn't that bad, but I can't look at carpet without thinking about all the crap that must live in there).


Greg pulling up the first strip:

See the path we walk?

The pile on our front porch:


Now, the room isn't put back together, there's still stuff in the kitchen and spare bedroom that belongs in the living room, but you get the jist.

I feel so accomplished! It was our first real project (other than painting and landscaping) together. And the floors are so nice, we don't have to refinish them right away.


Now on to rug shopping!

{Love, Missie}