Saturday, May 28, 2011

We are getting married today!

Today is one year and 10 months since I was walking around downtown Milwaukee with G, thinking I would wake up the next morning with him still my boyfriend.

Tomorrow, I will wake up and he will be my husband.

Life is good.

See you as a Mrs!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Flower Girl & Jr. Bridesmaids' Dresses

I have the cutest flower girl and jr. bridesmaids EVER!

Here's one of my JrB's.

Showing how the dress twirls :0)

Her fabulous shoes!

And the dress up close:

What do your little girl's dresses look like?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Little Touches - What Are Yours?

We've worked really hard to have little touches throughout the wedding day celebrations.
Here are a few that are my favorites!

1. We have 2 favors. Jordan Almonds, which our entire family got together, ate dinner and then assmebled. It's one of my favorite memories of wedding planning. I hate these things. But I love the signs we made! (My FMIL and I made them together!) The sticky dots were sticking to EVERYTHING.

2. Tears of Joy packets - my Future Mother In Law and I put these together. I think that is half the fun of it, spending time together. You always need Kleenex at a wedding, otherwise you're the slobbering guest who is wiping their snot on your neighbor's shoulder... (wait, am I the only one?)

And last but not least... my favorite part so far...

3. We're having a photobooth!

This is not me, obviously, because I'm not married yet. And I don't look like that. But here is a bride who used the same exact company we are using. She looks very happy. And very tired.

Everyone goes into this booth (isn't that HUGE?!):

And you get these strips:

Two copies print out, the guests get one and one goes in our book!

And then we get this photo-guest book:

Our guests sign next to their pictures.


Monday, May 23, 2011

My Dress Is Ready To Go!

I got a text message from my MOH letting me know that my dress is at her house and ready to go! I can't wait!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Bachelorette Bash!

I was that girl. And it was amazing.

We partied all night long and I paid for it the next day, but it was amazing!

1st - a bunch of us girls went and got out nails done - manis and pedis. Then we went back to my bridesmaid's house and got ready together. Then off to the shower! We were at a local mansion where we had the entire downstairs. My girls made all my favorite foods and we had a champagne punch. They had clotheslines strung up with lingerie and had a desert buffet as well.

It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. There were about 30 people there and we played games and opened presents while we played games. It blew my mind. I got a TON of lingerie and fun stuff! Then I got my survival kit which included a white boa, bachelorette sash, blinking bling bling ring and my veil. They all made me feel so beautiful and special!

Then we got on the bus which was decorated with streamers and they had an iPod docking station with dance music playing. Everyone who rode the bus got a purple boa. And we had jello shots, cosmos and a ton of other things to drink. It was so cool. Everyone got a survival kit with mouth wash, Purell, mints, kleenex and wet wipes. There was also Cheetos in the bag which is my go-to food when I drink.

Then we went to Whiskey Bar where were had our own private lounge. That was awesome. Then we went to Coyote Ugly and I danced on the bar for the entire time we were there! (I'll have better pictures soon, this is the only one I have right now) I did a body shot off the bartender. That was yummy. ;)

Every time I turned around there were shots or drinks being put in my hands. Oh, and everyone had a disposable camera so I'll get those photos soon too! Whoo hoo!

Friday, May 20, 2011

What, no stripper pole?

We booked our ride to the weddin'. And when I say ride, I mean it like "Where's your ride?"

We got the '24 Passenger Land Yacht Limo Bus'

The sweet little lady at the limo shop is going through all of the amenities included:
44 Inch Inch Flat Screen Color TV ::SWEET!::
DVD Player ::Well, not sure what we'll need that for, but okay...::
AM/FM Stereo w/CD & Surround Sound ::OKAY, this is what I'm talking about::
Fiber optic Lighting, Laser Light, Strobe Light, Overhead Fiber optic Lights, Luminescent Bar Lights ::wow, lots of lights::
Mirrored Ceiling ::note to self, watch cleavage::
Champagne Glasses & 3 Bars ::booze is good::

And then she gets to the optional stripper pole.

Wait... BACK THAT BUS UP! Did I hear you correctly? Optional stripper pole?

After thoughts of me and my girls spinning around like the sex goddesses we are on the pole, I quickly decided this was just not right.

Cause you know, this just screams 'class'...

So, all in all, we ended up with a sweet ride. Here's what it will look like, sans the pole.

I just couldn't justify how I would show my 78 year old grandmother photos of me in my dress, on the pole.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flowers - do we need them?

My floral fight was, well, a mixed bouquet. I didn't really think I wanted flowers. I know, right?! I'm crazy. Well, I WAS crazy(er). I was all sorts of "let's only do what is absolutely necessary because I don't want to spend a lot of money on flowers that were just going to die." And "I'll just carry something other than flowers"

Like this? This could be neat if done right. It's a brooch bouquet.

Or this? (Looks like a bunched up wedding dress)

Try this beauty on for size. And then wash, no, burn your eyes out with acid because it's just that ugly.

I don't even know WHAT this is...

Or this? (Looks like a funeral, not a wedding, but then again, G will tell you weddings really are the beginning of the end)

I even thought of having each girl write out a letter to us with wedding advice and they would carry them down and place them in a basket. (yeah, that was not a good idea)

I met with florist after florist and no one got my vision. One even sent me a letter telling me she couldn't do our wedding because it was just 'too organic and too modern'. Wha?

Enter the floral man of my dreams, Joe. Joe GOT my vision. AND he came in $200 UNDER BUDGET. Wait, what did you say? The UB? THE UB? Be still my heart. (For those of you who have planned a wedding before, under budget is not a phrase to be taken lightly.)

I resisted the urge to tear off my panties and throw them at him. (He doesn't like girls anyway) And then I hugged him. A big, ol' Missie hug.

After many calls, emails with millions of pictures, blahblitty blah blah, we met. He sat down, grabbed some flowers, grabbed some water and a bowl and took what was inside my head and make it tangible. I could reach out and touch it. It did exist!

So my bouquet will look something like this:

And G's bouts will look like this: (minus the purple wire and ribbon)

Centerpieces will look like a combination of this:

and these:

and the other half of the tables will look like this:

Monday, May 16, 2011

Bar Decorations - DIY

This was, by far, the easiest DIY project. I went to the Dollar Store and bought 7 cylinder vases. I also found the potpourri at K-mart, by Martha Stewart. All in all, the entire project was $15.00.

This one was really easy - I mixed all the different fillers in a big bowl and then started layering each cylinder. Easy-peasy mac and cheesey. These will have tea light candles in glass holders circling them on the bar tables and the bar itself.

Something simple to go that extra step and make the decor 'full' and not just set there. Thoughts?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What will the bride wear?

Evolution of my dress -
Trying the dress on right after I got it! @ Katie's house

The Dress Fits! (Fitting #1) I had my first dress fitting and it went really well! I'm adding a corset back to the dress to make it a little more fancy-pants. (So please excuse how goofy the back of my dress looks. ;) They are also fixing the tummy part to not make me look preggers - it's way too baggy. :) Best news was that the sides have to be taken in because they are too big! We are adding a French bustle too.

Fitting #2 w/corset back Can't wait to wear this all day long. :) The bow will be tucked in to the bottom of my tie, so you won't see it.