Little Touches - What Are Yours?

We've worked really hard to have little touches throughout the wedding day celebrations.
Here are a few that are my favorites!

1. We have 2 favors. Jordan Almonds, which our entire family got together, ate dinner and then assmebled. It's one of my favorite memories of wedding planning. I hate these things. But I love the signs we made! (My FMIL and I made them together!) The sticky dots were sticking to EVERYTHING.

2. Tears of Joy packets - my Future Mother In Law and I put these together. I think that is half the fun of it, spending time together. You always need Kleenex at a wedding, otherwise you're the slobbering guest who is wiping their snot on your neighbor's shoulder... (wait, am I the only one?)

And last but not least... my favorite part so far...

3. We're having a photobooth!

This is not me, obviously, because I'm not married yet. And I don't look like that. But here is a bride who used the same exact company we are using. She looks very happy. And very tired.

Everyone goes into this booth (isn't that HUGE?!):

And you get these strips:

Two copies print out, the guests get one and one goes in our book!

And then we get this photo-guest book:

Our guests sign next to their pictures.



Anonymous said…
You should have checked out Beyond the Booth. I was at a wedding that used them and they are great. They are not an enclosed booth it is better and so much fun!!

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