My Bachelorette Bash!

I was that girl. And it was amazing.

We partied all night long and I paid for it the next day, but it was amazing!

1st - a bunch of us girls went and got out nails done - manis and pedis. Then we went back to my bridesmaid's house and got ready together. Then off to the shower! We were at a local mansion where we had the entire downstairs. My girls made all my favorite foods and we had a champagne punch. They had clotheslines strung up with lingerie and had a desert buffet as well.

It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. There were about 30 people there and we played games and opened presents while we played games. It blew my mind. I got a TON of lingerie and fun stuff! Then I got my survival kit which included a white boa, bachelorette sash, blinking bling bling ring and my veil. They all made me feel so beautiful and special!

Then we got on the bus which was decorated with streamers and they had an iPod docking station with dance music playing. Everyone who rode the bus got a purple boa. And we had jello shots, cosmos and a ton of other things to drink. It was so cool. Everyone got a survival kit with mouth wash, Purell, mints, kleenex and wet wipes. There was also Cheetos in the bag which is my go-to food when I drink.

Then we went to Whiskey Bar where were had our own private lounge. That was awesome. Then we went to Coyote Ugly and I danced on the bar for the entire time we were there! (I'll have better pictures soon, this is the only one I have right now) I did a body shot off the bartender. That was yummy. ;)

Every time I turned around there were shots or drinks being put in my hands. Oh, and everyone had a disposable camera so I'll get those photos soon too! Whoo hoo!


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