What, no stripper pole?

We booked our ride to the weddin'. And when I say ride, I mean it like "Where's your ride?"

We got the '24 Passenger Land Yacht Limo Bus'

The sweet little lady at the limo shop is going through all of the amenities included:
44 Inch Inch Flat Screen Color TV ::SWEET!::
DVD Player ::Well, not sure what we'll need that for, but okay...::
AM/FM Stereo w/CD & Surround Sound ::OKAY, this is what I'm talking about::
Fiber optic Lighting, Laser Light, Strobe Light, Overhead Fiber optic Lights, Luminescent Bar Lights ::wow, lots of lights::
Mirrored Ceiling ::note to self, watch cleavage::
Champagne Glasses & 3 Bars ::booze is good::

And then she gets to the optional stripper pole.

Wait... BACK THAT BUS UP! Did I hear you correctly? Optional stripper pole?

After thoughts of me and my girls spinning around like the sex goddesses we are on the pole, I quickly decided this was just not right.

Cause you know, this just screams 'class'...

So, all in all, we ended up with a sweet ride. Here's what it will look like, sans the pole.

I just couldn't justify how I would show my 78 year old grandmother photos of me in my dress, on the pole.


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