Forgiveness - what is it really? Do you have to move on to forgive? How do you forgive if you can't forget? Is it harder to forgive someone you love or someone you dislike?

Do you forgive for them or for yourself? Does it get easier with time?

What do you think?


I am not sure. I guess that I forgive, but I don't forget, at least with issues which were detrimental to my relationship with the person. My focus is more on forgiving but not getting burned again.
Anonymous said…
Depends - whom are you forgiving and what are you forgiving them for? Then again, I might be the wrong person to comment on forgive-ness-icity. Cause you know my track record with certain people.

-me :)

p.s. - Greetings from Florida, the
parental units say Hi!
PorkStar said…
Depends on who and what. Certain things and people can be forgiven, or almost anything. At the same time, all of that may not be able to be forgotten. That's what sucks.
Maureen said…
In an ideal world we could forgive and forget. But I certainly have not mastered that. We learn from our life experiences so to a certain extent we never forget. But forgiveness is another story. Forgiveness is a kindness that one extends to another. Obviously the other person has done something wrong that has hurt you and in the grand scheme of things maybe they don't deserve to be forgiven, but you have the power to forgive- it is a gift only you can give. By giving it you let them off the hook, but you can also release the incident (or at least most of the angst) from your life. It isn't really forgiveness until those two things happen.

Now sometimes people do stuff to us and they don't realize it and we get miffed and we have to weigh if it is important enough to continue to be miffed about. Is being miffed about it going to change anything? Is being miffed about it going to negatively effect social situations which I will have to be in? If the answer is no and yes we find that it is not worth continuing to be miffed about and we just have to let it go. At least this has been the case for me.

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