I'm Back In The Saddle Again

I've learned something new - how to mobile blog! Now, saying that I've learned how to do it does not mean that I can actually do it. But hopefully this will help me blog more.

My computer has revolted against me. Apparently I have too much music and too many photos stored on my main hard drive and need a new/additional one. Working on it. What that means to y'all is that I cannot really post much of anything photo related unless I upload them at work, and well, I'm not in to that.

We just got back from Minnesota's NCAA Gymnastic Competition. Jamers, Greg's little brother, is a senior this year at Nebraska and that was his last meet. I apparently was sitting behind John Rothelesberger (or however the eff you spell it) and didn't know it. He's a 4-time Olympian I hear. I thought he was gay and was trying to figure out if the dude sitting next to him was his boyfriend or just a friend. What do I know?

Let's see? Lots to write about, but a lot of it is stuff I don't want posted all over the internets, ya know?

Maureen "yelled" at me to post something because she's out posted me about 4 to one these past few months.

I promise that there are big, exciting things coming.

Matt and Mindi are coming up to spend the weekend with us. Of course, we have to share them with the Kilties, but Friday night, Mindi is all mine while Matt goes to a staff meeting. I hope. Maybe they have different plans. I'm just excited to see them! Matt and Mindi are good peeps.

What else? Easter was good. Long day, I was tired and my rotator cuff had been acting up. But it was nice to spend the day with the family.

I promise to get writing and get you guys some new material soon.

Love ya and miss ya!


calicobebop said…
Oh, I hear ya with the computer troubles. I need a spare computer just for music and photos.

Best of luck with the mobile blogging! You're two steps ahead of me!
Maureen said…
I did not "yell." I simply reached out in concern. Glad you are back on the wagon! Now send me some pictures before your computer eats them!
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