Flowers - do we need them?

My floral fight was, well, a mixed bouquet. I didn't really think I wanted flowers. I know, right?! I'm crazy. Well, I WAS crazy(er). I was all sorts of "let's only do what is absolutely necessary because I don't want to spend a lot of money on flowers that were just going to die." And "I'll just carry something other than flowers"

Like this? This could be neat if done right. It's a brooch bouquet.

Or this? (Looks like a bunched up wedding dress)

Try this beauty on for size. And then wash, no, burn your eyes out with acid because it's just that ugly.

I don't even know WHAT this is...

Or this? (Looks like a funeral, not a wedding, but then again, G will tell you weddings really are the beginning of the end)

I even thought of having each girl write out a letter to us with wedding advice and they would carry them down and place them in a basket. (yeah, that was not a good idea)

I met with florist after florist and no one got my vision. One even sent me a letter telling me she couldn't do our wedding because it was just 'too organic and too modern'. Wha?

Enter the floral man of my dreams, Joe. Joe GOT my vision. AND he came in $200 UNDER BUDGET. Wait, what did you say? The UB? THE UB? Be still my heart. (For those of you who have planned a wedding before, under budget is not a phrase to be taken lightly.)

I resisted the urge to tear off my panties and throw them at him. (He doesn't like girls anyway) And then I hugged him. A big, ol' Missie hug.

After many calls, emails with millions of pictures, blahblitty blah blah, we met. He sat down, grabbed some flowers, grabbed some water and a bowl and took what was inside my head and make it tangible. I could reach out and touch it. It did exist!

So my bouquet will look something like this:

And G's bouts will look like this: (minus the purple wire and ribbon)

Centerpieces will look like a combination of this:

and these:

and the other half of the tables will look like this:


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