Today's The Day

In an hour, I'll be sitting in a dentist's (ahem, orthodontist's) chair with my mouth wide open, numerous people standing around, commenting on my large mouth, ugly teeth and the monstrous zit I got yesterday. Oh, and I'm sure they'll find a chin hair in there somewhere. I swear I got them all, but any German women out there know that they're all gone and when you turn around, there are eight more.

Okay, enough about my abundance of body hair...

Back to talking about my teeth.

I'm nervous as all get out. I shouldn't be, but I am. What if I look in the mirror and hate the way they look? For over 5 grand, I better keep these suckers on.

I keep reminding myself - when I walk down that aisle on my wedding day, I'll be able to smile without even thinking about how to smile. I can show the world my real, genuine smile and not have to close my mouth super quick once I've done so. I can laugh without holding back.

Stick with me on my journey - a twenty-something adult (ahem) with braces.

This is me now:

Bad pictures, but they're going to be so much better.

Thanks for hanging in there while I freaked out. Stay tuned for pictures of metal mouth, coming soon...


Jess to the Lo said…
How long are they expecting you to have to wear them?
calicobebop said…
I feel for you - I just got mine off about six months ago. Luckily - as an adult your teeth will move faster! That's what they told me anyway... Totally worth it, I promise!
Evil Stick Man said…
Good luck - it'll be arduous, but not as much as you think it will be.
Nicole said…
Good luck with them and I hope you bought a lot of pudding.

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