The Brutally Honest Personality Test

I took this test today. It's called "The Brutally Honest Personality Test" and I had to laugh. It's made to be insulting, but it's almost spot on in some ways. Here are my results:

You manipulative busybody! You're what some might call the "backseat driver" of life. (right on!) You know, the one who knows exactly what everyone else is doing wrong and how they should go about fixing it. You're always trying to change everyone else.

The strange thing is, you can generally get whoever you want, to do whatever you want. (this is true, although I'm not trying to manipulate people) What's that? You want me to stop insulting you...well, alright...but only because you asked so nic...WAIT A MINUTE!

Stop sticking your cumbersome nose where it aint't wanted. You're like an oversized sniffer dog, trained to sniff out everyone else's problems, yet oblivious to your own.

For one you worry excessively. The fact that you're also incredibly sensitive to criticism probably has you on the verge of tears right now. Get a grip. (Definitely not on the edge of tears, but I was worried I wasn't going to like the results of this test. And I do worry about everyone being okay and safe and clothed and fed and...)

You have powers of manipulation unlike any other. You know all the gossip and you know how to ultimately use it as blackmailing material. (I do gossip with my girls, but I don't blackmail. I think that's an unforgivable personality flaw if you blackmail someone)

You could potentially be the ultimate evil villain... if not for the fact you choose to use all of your powers for good, rather than evil. How honourable. How admirable and praiseworthy. How pathetic. While you're helping others out and pushing them into the limelight, you're left in the background to inhale the dirty smoke of their success. Nice one.

How fun! I think all women have the power to be manipulative bitches if we so choose. I'd say about 70% of us are good, caring, honest people and use our personality traits to help, not hurt. But there is something to be said about always getting your way. :)

What do you think?


Nicole said…
I think that was brutally honest and where did you find that test?

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