The Story Of Us (With Tags!)

In making room for Baby M, we've gotten to go through boxes of photos, mementos and the history of what makes us and 'us'. (Read on fellow bloggers, I might have tagged you at the end...)

We went from this:

(taken January 01, 2008 at our friend's cabin on New Years Eve.
We'd been together 2 years at this point)

To this:

(Taken on our wedding day, May 28, 2011)

Come stroll with me along memory lane as I giggle and cringe at Greg and I through the years.

We look so young here! His Parent's Backyard, one of our first pictures together - April 06, 2007 We were all playing Balderdash and it was the first time we met Liz; who was one of the girlfriends who became a fiance and then wife of one of G's boys, Steve. She's now one of my best friends and my 'sister wife'.

These two are from my best friend Katie's wedding.
The first time I got to see his 'moves'.

My niece's birthday party - 2009ish?

I had foot surgery and was on crutches. We decorated them with battery operated Christmas lights. This was at a banquet.

The day we closed on our house. Our home. Best thing we'd done to date. This is where we celebrate our marriage and will raise Baby M.

Nebraska trip to see his 'little' brother, James and his girlfriend, Steph. We had so much fun and every time I see this picture, it makes me miss them even more.

Our engagement! And short hair. :) This was my birthday in 2009.

One year later, on my birthday again, 2010. Our first Door County trip with Steve & Liz! The same Liz we met back in the day playing Balderdash in G's parent's backyard. I am so ghay for that trip, you guys. We drank wine up and down the peninsula and stopped at every roadside stand and attraction along the way.

Engagement photos - we were SO COLD in the outside shots. But this was the first time I felt like a bride and I started to really enjoy the wedding planning process. And our photographer rocked my socks off. (You can check her out here)

Our wedding day. This is my favorite picture from the day because I look at this and know exactly how I felt. The absolute excitement and pure joy.

A couple observations:
1. What is with all the hairstyles? Or lackthereof?
2. Do you have the same smile in all of your pictures too?
3. I love my hubs. And his receding hairline. :)

Thanks for taking the trip with me. Do you have any old photos you can share? Or have you burned those in hopes they would never surface?

Heads up bloggy friends - I'm tagging a few of you!

First up, my girl Jess over at Points Of Interest! Look for her in an up-coming Blogger of the Week.

And then my girl Ashlee over at A Step In The Right Direction (super motivational, check her out!).


DisturbedKitty said…
Aww! How cute! Isn't it interesting to see how young you look when you and H first started dating? I love looking at old photos of H and I alongside our wedding pictures :)
Mrs. O'Connell said…
I loved looking at your old photos! I did one of Andy and I too! Check it out!

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