Featured Blogger Of The Week: Mono, The Housewife Who Cooks (Shocking!)

My fried Jess, or Mono, as we call her in Knottie land, has this awesome blog. She writes about these yummy, easy recipes she makes and I'm always starving after reading her posts.

One in particular has been calling my name - Easy Peezy Cheesey Potato Soup - and I'm actually going to make it and try to blog about it soon.

Doesn't that look AMAZING??? I'll wait while you wipe the drool off your face. (Hey, we've all been there)

I asked Jess to tell me about herself and her blog, here's what she had to say.

Tell me about your blog: Well, it is a food blog. I write about what I cook or bake. I hope to add random crafts. (Hopefully when my toddler learns the meaning of personal space. So about 16 right?)

How did you get into blogging: I am a part of a forum of ladies who were married the same month I was married. We chat about our day and I was always mentioning what I baked/cooked that day. They suggested I write a blog about it. (Missie note: She's an original May 2011 knottie like me!)

How did your blog name come about: It really just came to me when it asked what I wanted to name my blog. I was a housewife who baked. The sarcasm in me was all "How shocking... "

Favorite musical and why: Kiss Me Kate. I have always loved the story of Taming of the Shrew & I loved how this was a play on that. I loved the costuming in the movie! (I am a costuming nerd.) Close second is RENT.

If you were an appliance, what would you be: I have no idea how to answer that question. But, mixer? I am useful but a little mixed up....

Be sure to check Jess out at http://monolayth.blogspot.com/, tell her Missie sent you!


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