Ham & Pickle Sammich, Please?

Tell me about your pregnancy! What did you crave? What couldn’t you stand? Here's my report card so far.

Cravings & Aversions
Macaroni and Cheese from Panera
Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup – I could eat this every single day.
Wendy’s French Fries (Oh my gosh, those are so good!)
Pickles – Bread and Butter!
Wheat Thins – The big ones. Mmmmm…
Bear Creek Rootbeer – Oh my gosh, I’ll drink 2 of these in an hour if you let me.
Deli sandwiches – I have to be careful because although my Dr lets me eat lunch meat, I need to make sure it’s still healthy and not processed.

And for aversions, Macaroni and Cheese from Panera. Yeah, I either love or hate it. Greasy food. I craved this like crazy in my first trimester, but now I can’t run away from it fast enough. Unless it’s Wendy’s fries.

Pet Peeves
Random, I know... and not really pregnancy related, but some things drive me crazy now that never would have before.
I guess I get irritated more easily, though I just grin and bear it.
People in general. Rude people. People who have no friends and make me feel like it’s my job in life to make them feel self-important. People with no self-worth. People with no self-confidence. I know. I hate myself for feeling that way, but that’s what bothers me lately.

Super Powers
Holy sniffer! I can smell what someone is eating in the car ahead of me on the way to work. I can smell every time someone walks by that has smoked in the last 20 years. Smoke and coffee are my big triggers. No more morning sickness, but if you smoke or drink coffee, or God-forbid, both, I am guaranteed to run to the bathroom.

I did order a ham and pickle sandwich the other day. No mayo or cheese, just ham and pickles. G looked at me like I was a little crazy.

I can't wait to hear your stories! Did you or someone you know have a strange craving?


Rachael said…
I'm all about the bread & butter pickles too! With baby swiss, pulled pork and dijon, holy cuban heaven.
Also I have a sweet tooth that I never before had. Definitely courtesy of the husband's donation, since he can't be left alone with sugary confections either.
Jess... said…
When I was pregnant I had an argument with my baby about pickles. I hate pickles. He was making me crave them. We call it the Pickle incident.

*whole family in the living room, boys playing video games, me reading a baby magazine all very quiet* "NO. No, I do NOT want pickles, NO PICKLES, nooooo pickles, no!" *Family all starts looking at me like I grew a second head I go right back to reading my magazine*

Then I started craving chicken salad. Tricky baby, it has pickles in it.

Also I could totally smell when people had not brushed their teeth recently. I would make the boys brush their teeth before getting into the vehicle with me. Even if I were picking them up from school.

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