Featured Blogger of The Week: Salamandy

Starting, well, NOW, I will feature a weekly spotlight on one of my blogger girls. If you'd like to be added to my blog list/blogroll, comment below!

This week, I want to focus on my friend Mandy and her menagerie of pets. Mandy and I met on The Knot - we're both May 2011 girls. (::WOOT:WOOT::)

She's got an absolute plethora of animals and I always enjoy reading about them. Even the slimy ones.

Seriously you guys, she's a "newlywed living in a small apartment with my husband, three frogs, a salamanders, three snakes, two mice, a leopard gecko, and a cat."

That's a LOT of ''things" to fit into an apartment. And she does such an awesome job at somehow making it adorable and interesting.

Check her out - and let her know Missie sent you. :0)


Thanks Mandy for being the Featured Blogger of the Week! Or should I say ... CREATURED?

(I seriously crack myself up!)


DisturbedKitty said…
Awww Missie! Thank you :)

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