So... the past few days, I've felt this weird feeling in my tummy.

Now, when you're pregnant, your entire body changes and does things it's never done before, so I thought maybe this was just my stomach being upset or gas or something weird like that. But it happens at the strangest times. And on a fully belly and empty stomach.

So I mentioned it to my best friend and she asked if it felt like butterflies.

Me: YES! That's exactly what it feels like. Like something is fluttering in my...

oh... wait...

Is that the baby?

(insert slow creeping smile that took over my face)

So... I can now feel the baby move. :)

It's pretty amazing. And strange. And amazing.

I honestly thought it was WAY too early. But after talking to a few of my friends and co-workers, it sounds like it's the real deal.

How cool is that?

Today is officially 14 weeks. The baby is the size of a lemon today. :) Feels more like a cantaloupe. :0)

That's a pretty big lemon, don't you think?


Rachael said…
Ohmygosh that's awesome! I'm totally jealous because people have been asking me for two weeks, and still... nothing. Not yet anyway ;)

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