Sushi Fixes Everything

Something shitty happened today. And yet, rather than mope about it, we all went out to celebrate. You see, my friend Kate has been waiting MONTHS to finally find out that her department has been officially, 100% outsourced. And when I say months, I mean since January. While, slowly, everyone around her was let go, the final group of them were kept on. I can't imagine going through it and she's been amazing at keeping a positive attitude about it. The final word came this morning. (It's about time, right!?)

So Kate, Katie and I went out for sushi at a local hot spot.

They have the best sushi for miles. And not just because they are the only place for miles, but because they're just fabulous. When given a choice between going to Milwaukee for sushi or eating there, I choo, choo, choose them every time.

Enough about that - let's get to the pictures.

See that scarf? I bought her that in Scotland. ;)

Oh, did I mention I ate OCTOPUS?

Oh, I didn't? Well let me show you the proof!

Yeah, not a big fan. Can you tell?


Evil Stick Man said…
Yeah, octopus can be rough. It's so chewy it's ridiculous.

Sucks about the outsourcing. Allstate's embrace of that concept helped me not have any moral qualms about leaving that job for greener pastures.

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