It's All Fun and Games Until the Cat Starts Sharting

These are our cats.

Remember that guy from yesterday? The cute, fat one? Well, that cute fat one hyperventilated and basically "EXPLODED" all over his cat carrier and the vet's office tonight.

Don't let that cuteness fool you. Oh no. That guy is SNEA-KY.

He waits until you are PULLING IN THE DAMN PARKING LOT before letting loose from both ends.

He's kind enough to give you a few warning signs though. Like FOAMING AT THE MOUTH and BELLOWING LIKE HE'S ON FIRE. I should have taped it... but wait... I was sticking my head out the window so that I could stop dry heaving.

Like I said, he looks cute and all, but just you wait.

It's all fun and games until the cat starts sharting.

Aint it boy?

And the kicker? $130.00 later, we're walking out to the snow-covered car that's DEAD and had to be jumped by a vet tech. AND we have to go back in 3 weeks because Mau was too distraught to get his vaccinations. The great part? We now have kitty tranquilizers for the next car ride and Mau is nice and clean from the bath he got when we finally made it home.

You just have to laugh because it's a wonderful life.


Anonymous said…
That is sort of funny...who's car died?? was it the pontiac??? Giving some love to the pontiacs!! I didn't have the greatest of evenings either, really bad headache and didn't get much done.
Melissa Jean said…
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Anonymous said…
LMAO. I heart my wicked step kitties. :)

I secrectly adore the fact you have to drug him the next time you need to take him to the vet.

Loves it! :)

calicobebop said…
I hate to laugh at your misery but that's too funny. I thought I had it bad with my cats, but they've never pulled THAT stunt before! Good thing you get to tranquilize kitty before the next visit (but good luck getting that pill in him!) :)

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