Flipflops to Snowboard Boots

There's something magical about the first big snowstorm of the year. Not only does it mean digging through the summer and spring pile-up to find your shovel, ice scraper, mittens and sanity; it's the first time we get to load up the boards and hit the slopes.

One of the hardest parts of boarding is getting all the right gear. Once you get the gear, you're set for quite a while. Or, if you're like me, until you get a new board and want everything else to match said board.

Here's my gear - Coat and Pants first. Greg bought me this awesome Northface jacket for Christmas last year. And I bought these Burton pants on sale before our trip last year.

UPDATE: I bought a the following pair of cream board pants today. Not matching drives me crazy! :)

Next is your board gear - I wear Oakley Pink O-Frames, ThirtyTwo Prion Boots and my bindings are Burton Stilettos. Notice the pink trend?

This is my board from last year - on the right. It's Greg's old Rossignol.

And my board this year? A 5150 Velour - my size and everything!

A close-up of the detailing.

Front and back -

Me holding my board once we got it home -

Really excited!

And the money shot -

And remember...

See you on the slopes!


Evil Stick Man said…
Nice board. I'm looking forward to the January trip - my gear will be very ghetto (out of necessity, since half will be rented and the other half I won't have the budget to purchase), but kicking back after a day of falling down a hill is what makes it all worth it.
Miss Missie said…
No worries - you're a guy, you're not supposed to be stylin'. ;)

I can't wait - I know you're going to have a blast. Are you boarding or skiing?
Evil Stick Man said…
Skiing, both 'cause it's cheaper and 'cause I've done it a couple times before already, so I won't be as hopeless.
Miss Missie said…
Thanks Nicole! I'm glad you're reading my blog. :) Now I have 2 whole readers. LOL

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