Christmas in November?

Sometimes I forget that Christmas is not right around the corner. We still have Thanksgiving dinner to eat, the first snowfall to come, out first trip out on the slopes and our snowblower has yet to arrive. But this weekend, you would have thought that Christmas is next week in our house.

You're going to hate me, I promise, when you hear this next bit of news.

I have 90% of my Christmas shopping done!
(I warned you, you know)

Still there? Well, you're REALLY not going to like me now. I also have my hand-stamped Christmas cards done AND we put the tree up just a few hours ago.


But that's where my production ends and the mess in our house begins. It's not that I don't have miles and miles of laundry to go before I sleep, because I do. But the Jingle Bug has bitten and I just had to decorate! Greg and I pulled everything out from the storage room in the basement and while he got to fluffing the tree, I finished up my cards.

Here's a picture of the mess we left behind.

And another.

And another.

The cats? Well Stella and Mau decided that they wanted to 'help' by chewing on the branches and then plopping themselves under the tree, as if in approval.

And Mau? Well, he's forgiven because he's so damn cute.

And fat.

Needless to say, we haven't done much tree fluffing today. And we're not putting oraments up until later this week or next weekend.

I also found this awesome piece of art while I was Chirstmas shopping! It calls for drywall studs or something manly like that, so Greg's got to hang it up, hence why it's next to the couch and not above it.

And Max? Well, he's stopping by to spread the love and give kisses.

Okay, so I took that picture about 3 weeks ago. You caught me. But telling you that Max slept through the entire thing was so, well, insulting. If I can't entertain the cat, who can I entertain? You? Please? PLEASE?


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