Fall Is Coming to An End

With the recent snow, it's plain to see that Fall is coming to an end.

Most sane people hear, see, feel or think snow and shudder. I should know; I too was once sane. I would be inside the house and as soft, fluffy flakes would start to fall, I would let out a groan so loud the birds would scatter from the trees and the cat would run from the room. Picture it. No lie.

About 4 years ago now, I met this man, a boy at the time, really. This man holds a deep love affair with the same snow that dampened the back of my jeans, caused my fingers to go numb and my car to spin out of control and into a ditch. Those same soft, fluffy flakes would fall and his eyes would light up, like a child given an unlimited gift card to Toys-R-Us.

The merger of our love/hate relationship was not smooth. In the middle of the first winter I had pins put in both of my feet six weeks apart from each other and spent the entire winter in a walking cast on one foot or the other.

Some winter/snow math for you this morning:

Snow + 40 degree days = ice.
Ice + Boot = ass plant.

Funny now. Not so funny then. (Okay, maybe a little funny then)

I am not sure how it happened, but one day I woke up to a yard covered in that beautiful fluffy white stuff. Did I say beautiful? Well, I guess I did. Yeah; beautiful! I was transformed. Somehow, over the years, I had grown immune to the chill, the wet, the shoveling. When snows now, I am the kid in the candy store.

There are some things that snow and I will never see eye to eye on.

1: Why must you take away my ability to walk in heels and wear skirts while you are visiting? I enjoy wearing skirts. I wear heels on a daily basis. Why do you make this harder than it needs to be?
2: Do you really have to arrive early when I have not yet thrown my ice scraper in to my trunk?
3: Why don’t you come on command? Why cannot you not snow the days I want you to and not snow the days I need you take a day off?

My love of snow has since evolved into a love of snowboarding. Stay tuned for more to come...

Here are some pictures to tide you over -

Our house decorated for Halloween - the day of, I put out a wind sock and my wicked witch.

My Goddaughter Samantha - She was a scary bat for Halloween (That's my scared face) (Notice the winter hat; it was COLD that day!)

Greg and I had a cement block replaced on the sidewalk and carved our initials into it before it dried. :)

THIS is the squirrel that has been eating my mini pumpkins. Caught him in the act!

Notice his damage. I have since given up and have placed all the mini pumpkins under the bird feeder so that everyone can feast off the smorgasbord.


Evil Stick Man said…
Glad you came to love snow. I will never come to love snow. Tolerate, sure. Recognize the serene beauty inherent in a morning after a brisk snowfall, where the entire world is covered in a carpet of white, definitely. Enjoy then going out in it and dealing with the cold, the wet, the shoveling, the wind, the other idiot drivers, the salt, the sand, the high heating bills - never. If I had my way I'd have moved to a state where snow is an option and not a requirement, but unfortunately I wasn't offered enough money.

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