I'm a Pir-ah-nah

See that girl? Do you see those chompers? Yeah... I think the same thing too, every time I look in the mirror. Hell, I might even scare small children, who knows?

The good news? In 18 months, that girl will have perfect, straight teeth.

Something I don't share with anyone, because it means drawing attention to them, is that I am so utterly embarrassed about my teeth. I always have been. But luckily for me, I won't always be.

I had my braces consultation on Friday with an Orthodontist who comes very highly recommended. They took pictures, oh, did they take pictures. My face with no smile, big smile (GROAN!) and also of all of my teeth, inside and out. Once I get my braces off, I'll put up my before and after pictures.

Rather than going the traditional route, I'm opting to go with the Damon3 system. Not only will I have a perfect smile, but I only have to have the braces on for 16 months.

This is what my mouth will look like, minus the colored bands. With the Damon3 system, there are no elastics around the braces themselves; although I may have to wear the side bands. My top teeth will have the 'clear' braces, though you'll still see the bar.

I thought that because my teeth are crooked, that it meant I must have horrible teeth, right? Wrong. Apparently, I have really healthy teeth. My dental hygiene is great and the shape of my teeth is almost perfect. I also thought that I had yellow teeth, but there again, I was wrong. The natural color of my teeth is a deep pearl and those stains I thought I had? They're actually INSIDE my teeth. When I was younger, I was sick A LOT and because of it, I was on a lot of antibiotics. Supposedly, the antibiotic intake at the time that my adult teeth were forming is what causes those spots. And once my braces come off, a simple bleaching to bleach my natural color to match the white spots will take care of the situation.

I'm going to have a vain moment here, okay. Don't tell anyone...

I love my body. Ass fat, fat ass and all. I love my face, my awesome hair, my hips and my ugly feet. I'm happy with the god-given curves I have and my 36C boobs. I love being 5'1" (and a half, if you please). I don't ever want to be a size 4 again. I'm happy being a 6/8. I think real women have curves and it should be embraced (and caressed, and loved)

And the crooked teeth? I hide those. I used to talk with my hand in front of my mouth so that no one would look at my teeth. I hate smiling for pictures because all I can think about is how my teeth are going to be the main focus of the picture.

The one thing I hate so very much about my self-image? Goodbye to you! Arrivederci assholes. In 18 months, I'll be smiling so much, you'll want to slap me.

Here's a before and after picture from the Damon3 website:

I had my molds made and go in 4 weeks for my cleaning. January 9th, I go in that morning to get them on. I will keep you all posted on my journey.


Jess to the Lo said…
As long as you don't turn into a fish killing Darla we will all be good!
laura beckman said…
haha i totally know what you mean by darla! shes scary.

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