Death and The Chocolate Martini

What's in a name? If authoring a blog, a lot, really. When I decided to publish a public blog, the first and most important detail to me was the name. To me, a name says so much about who you are and what you're all about.

I held a contest on Facebook (where else?) between all of my friends asking for their input.

Kate offered "confessions of not quite a cat lady" which I giggled at, for a while, until I realized that everyone thinks of me as the cat lady.


Kate countered with "how about confessions of a hippie chick?" which was pretty clever, yet didn't have THE NAME written all over it.

Guapo says "Behind the Chedder Curtain or Through the Looking Glass or something... give me a six pack and I will get back to you. ;)" in his ever handsome way.

But no thanks. (LOVE YOU GUAPO)

Other entries of note were "Holler at a Homie", "there's nothing like a box of pooping chickens to ruin a party" (both from Laura) and "That's What She Said".

Do I look like a Homie?

Another giggler? "kcabyxes. its sexyback spelled backwards." But then I'd spend more time explaining my blog title than I would actually blogging. But if all else failed, that one was it.

But the winner, you'll never guess... (I know you're DYING TO KNOW!) Hold your breath!

Matt and his witty "Death By Chocolate Martini". He says "And nothin' but love on the choco martini thing - the quick jab is just where my brain heads first :)"

Well, thank you Matty and your jabs of speed! That reminds me, I need to dig through that prize closet and find the Evil Stick Man a gift....

More later on where the Chocolate Martini jab originates, let's just say it leads to this:

Oh and those of you still holding your breath, you can breath now. :)


calicobebop said…
Bwahh ha ha ha... Sorry, but that last picture hits a little too close to home. :)
Anonymous said…
you have a prize closet? is that the same one the cats get stuck in periodically? :)

Evil Stick Man said…
And I hope that jabs of speed comment isn't a double entendre :-P

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