What's In A Wordle?

As I have done on more occasions than I care to count, I totally stole this idea from Calicobebop. Because she's so awesome, she never hunts me down to tar and feather me. Go visit her and say hi and help me make up for stealing her stollen idea. :)

This is my Wordle. It's a decoupage, if you will, of the words and phrases I use most in my blog. I figured that Greg, Blog, Martini and Snowboarding would be front and center.

I was way off...

And here is my wordle, with more words, ahem, I mean, COMMENTS.

Click on the pics to get an up close and personal view of them. Or squint. Whatever floats your boat. ;)

You can get your own Wordle here.

Be sure to send me a link in the comments section so I can check you out!


calicobebop said…
PEOPLE! Looks like you talk about people alot! :) It's fun isn't it!
Bon Don said…
Ooo very fun! I love the name of your blog!

*Bon Don*
I love that "sauce" is in there really big! I love sauce, especially marinara.

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