Avoidance Techniques?

Well, you all know I've been MIA. Between ebola, Buck's games, photog, ski trips, work and home, life has just gotten in the way of blogging! *damn life!*

Here is a photo montage of what I've been doing to keep myself busy -

Ski trip - just before going out on the first run of the weekend. What a blast!

My V-day flowers! 2 dozen roses, well played Mr. Greg, well played. :-)

My goddaughter at her 5th birthday party - she wanted to go to Monkey Joes which is a huge warehouse filled with jumpy house thingamajigs. Lots of fun!

Trying not to show my braces off, but show off the new hair cut! And getting stabbed in the process.

Me and Jeni at the game! I was so sick that night!!

And we'll end with a video - Greg is marching the Milwaukee Buck's Drumline this season and we went to see the games. Obviously $10.00 tickets didn't get us too close to the action. Fortunately, we're MUCH closer this Saturday and I'll have better pictures to post.


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