46 Things You Never Wanted to Know About Me

(Random and In No Particular Order)(101 was just too much crap)(As if 45 isn't either)
(No pictures this time, sorry)

1. My middle name is Jean. It was chosen after my grandmothers and my mom.
2. My first real kiss was in 8th grade with a boy named Bryan Javier. I hated kissing and thought I'd never want to do it again. Even though he was a good kisser. I just thought it was gross.
3. In my life, I have been love 3 times. My first, my hardest and my real, true love.
4. Tom Cat was the name of my first pet - he was a huge tom-cat, hence the name.
5. I am probably the clumsiest person you will ever meet.
6. It is hard for me to understand why people can't stand up for what they believe and I tend to have little tolerance for it.
7. My favorite color is a tie between brown and orange.
8. I take pictures of everything. All the time. I am a visual person, so I love to have a lot of photos of a great time.
9. Autumn is my favorite season, which I always call Fall.
10. I secretly love the Beatles, but don't tell anyone because it's so cliché.
11. I will probably piss at least one person off each blog. It's not intentional, but people tend to take what I say too personally, when it is directed at no one, EVER.
12. I am an only child, but I do have a brother. Ask me about this if you want to know.
13. I don’t know much about anything. Nor do I try to, unless something fascinates me, then I immerse myself in it.
14. People think I'm about an inch deep, when I have so much more inside of me, but do not like to share it with anyone.
15. I think by verbalizing everything. Some people cannot handle this and tend to think I'm gossiping, when really, I'm just thinking out loud.
16. I can be persistent about what I seek. I might not be consistent about what I seek though. Or considerate.
17. I tend to keep people in my life who are not afraid to tell me how it is.
18. I don't understand people who can't disagree with someone without thinking it's an argument or that they should get defensive about it.
19. I once had 4 mice that were supposedly all female. One of them ended up being a male and got the rest of them pregnant. I then had almost 30 mice in a 10-gallon fish tank. I let them go in the local park because I didn't want them being fed to someone's snake.
20. Dirty houses make me anxious and I do judge people who have a messy house.
21. I am a firm believer that when you make the right choices in life, everything will fall into place.
22. Twenty-two is my lucky number.
23. I had almost a perfect score on my ACTs, but never took the SATs. I wish I had though.
24. Laughter is one of my favorite things to do.
25. You may find that I am one of the loudest people you have ever met. I tend to be loud because my hearing sucks, so I think that I'm being quite, when really I'm speaking at a normal level.
26. My grandma is my hero.
27. I think I'm mildly OCD, but do not care to be tested.
28. I had to take a series of tests for my current job regarding reading, math, communication and personality. I scored "exceptionally high and in the upper-most percentile" on every test.
29. I tend to ruin moments by saying what is in my head without thinking. Especially when I'm giving someone a gift, because I get more excited about it than the person getting the gift.
30. It's a tie between Halloween and Christmas as my favorite holiday.
31. I can't tell a joke or a story. I'm horrible and my laughs come from how horrible I am telling the joke.
32. Most often, when I do something rude or hurtful, it was in no way intentional. I get sick to my stomach when I am hurtful or mean, so I just don't do it. I do everything with a kind heart.
33. I find people who are 'ghetto' to be boring and stupid.
34. I wish I had more compassion for boring and stupid people.
35. I always wanted to be named Samantha. Then my brother named his daughter Samantha and all was right in the world.
36. I think very few people care enough to prove someone wrong.
37. It really bothers me that so many of these lines start with "I".
38. Although I judge, I really don't care. I may form an opinion, but it doesn't make me think less of anyone. It's just a thought. And it can be changed. Really, it probably WILL be changed.
39. I talk a lot (see #15) because I have so many thoughts circling in my head and it makes me anxious that something brilliant or important will disappear because I wasn't able to verbalize it.
40. I always wear clean underwear and socks. If I take my socks off, I will put clean ones back on.
41. I am not as self-important as you think I am.
42. I am unlike anyone you will ever meet though.
43. I wish everyone could see the good side of me but feel that many don't because I can be standoffish and distant when I am uncomfortable or tired.
44. If I have not eaten, I get very crabby.
45. I am usually very in touch with my emotions.
46. I was named after the Allman Brothers Band song "Melissa".

Well, now ya know!


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