Because My Mind Works This Way, Y'all

My work week in a nutshell:

Our shipping department was supposed to have sent 6 skids of boxes to a customer (cause, you know, we make boxes) and we sent a chair instead. On a skid. Wrapped in bubble wrap.

We also sent 35,000 pizza boxes to a brotherly love type pizza maker in Milwaukee. Usually you wrap the skid in leftover cartons to protect it in shipment. Our shipping department wrapped these in Raid boxes. You know, the roach killer? Luckily for us, we make those boxes and they hadn't touched any product. But the customer just about had a heart attack when they received them.

I also got this email today from shipping:

We have a package by Shipping for “ Rey Manabat “?

Would Rey Manabat please contact the Shipping Office?

We don't have a Rey Manabat at our company. So of course, we replied back with the likes of:

I think I just saw him going into the bathroom...
I think he's outside having a smoke...
“Rey! Man da bat!” (It’s a lesser known baseball saying.)

Did you try paging him? :)

Lots of laughter today in the office. Some of it so hard we were crying. It's one of those weeks that if you don't laugh, you will cry, and they won't be tears of joy.

Needless to say, the customer rejected the chair.


Evil Stick Man said…
Sounds like fun, whereas my workweek didn't start until Friday and consisted of me sitting around with nothing to do 'cause my manager had emergencies to handle.

BTW - could you put more than one post on your main page again? Makes it kind of hard to follow or to figure out if I miss an update.
Maureen said…
That almost made me fall off MY chair!! So funny. A chair instead of boxes... how did that happen?

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