Memorial Day Madness

Well, we made it a year! We have officially been in our house for one year (well, a year and a few weeks now that I've taken so long to post this)

To celebrate 1 year of home ownership, we invited 50 of our closest friends over for a cookout.

Here's a few friends... The curly haired one is Nicole over at Random Ramblings.

And here's Matt of Evil Stick Man fame, his awesome wife Mindi, Laura from Holler at Your Mom is hiding behind Mindi, my gooderest friend Kate and her sister Lindsay.

And the best part? We had a TREE TRIMMER at our party. Also known as our friend Ryan. He brought his loverly girlfriend Sarah down and was kind enough to trim the ugly pine tree away from my beautiful flowering crap apple *which didn't flower this year*...

Here's Ryan beforehand...

And climbing the tree...

He's pretty high up!

The captive audience...

Happy Ending :)

It's been a crazy year, but a wonderful one. Owning a home is all that AND a bag of chips. A very expensive bag of chips.


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