I've had this urge lately to reconnect with my family. Its strange. I have this deep-seeded desire to share the same space as my flesh and blood.

I've thought about extending an olive branch to a family member I haven't spoken to in quite some time.

There are more cons than pros. And I'm not quite sure if the pros are worth it.

There's only one way to find out, right?

What do you think?


Jess to the Lo said…
I say it's worth a shot. If it really goes sour after awhile you will know, as opposed to not trying and always wonder what could have happened.

Speaking from my life, I've had to extend the olive branch to many members many times over the years, it has not been easy. I have been hurt umpteen times, but the relationships I have today are worth it. There were times I stopped talking to these people again, only to extend the branch again.

Good Luck!

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