3 Random Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. I once woke up in the middle of surgery. I was 6 and was getting my tonsils and adenoids taken out and tubes put in my ear. Ever since then, I'm terrified of being put under.

2. I LOVE sloppy Joe's. I could eat them every day of the year. When Greg's out of town, I'll make them and eat them all week. I only eat them over cheap buns with ruffles potato chips.

3. I wanted to be Jewish. A friend once told me that Jewish people got to put candles in all of their windows at the holidays and I wanted to do it too. Somehow I justified that I should convert to Judaism so that I could put candles in the windows of the house I had in my head.

Have you ever woken up during surgery? Tell me about it!
Do you love or hate sloppy Joe's? Want to share?
Are you Jewish? If so, can we hang out? :)


cd0103 said…
Ooh, I woke up during my tonsillectomy also. I was 19 and had laser surgery. I could smell the burning flesh and could hear the doctors and nurses frantically telling the anesthesiologist to put me back under. Of course, my surgeon denied later.
Dirty Martini said…
I love sloppy joe mix. I put it in everything - tonight I made a pasta dish with sloppy joe mix and pasta sauce in the slow cooker, add some rolly polly pastas and yum!
EWWW, that is my new fear of surgery. It used to be that I wouldn't wake up, but now it is that I WILL wake up.
Nicole said…
I've actually never had surgery.
beckmanlaura said…
uh, i don't think i want to know what kind of doctors you guys are going to.... hehe. but i LOVE sloppy joes. but they have to have kraft american cheese on them. yum.

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