Isn't he just the cutest little thang?!?!

Friends of ours have entered their baby Jack into the Jones Soda Contest and I'm asking everyone to vote for him. You can only vote once per computer, so vote at home and vote at work! If you're at school, vote from every computer you've got!

Look at this little man:

Thanks everyone! And VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!


Evil Stick Man said…

Also, are you familiar with HTML at all? It might make it easier if you used an anchor tag to link it.

e.x.: <a href="
"> text to display </a>
Miss Missie said…
I am an HTML CHEATER. I go to web monkey and copy/paste. Maybe I could get some tutelage?
Evil Stick Man said…
I could teach you, if ya like. It's actually pretty easy once you get down to it.
Miss Missie said…
That would be awesome!
Evil Stick Man said…
kewl, lemme know when you want to get your knowledge on.Send me an e-mail or something.
Anonymous said…
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