Where are you now?

10 years ago today, I was 16 years old. I didn't have my license and I had no desire whatsoever to drive. I was a Junior in high school with no idea where I was going or what I was going to do. I was editor of the school paper and thought I wanted to be a reporter. I had high hopes of leaving high school, getting a job as an editor and ruling the world; though I had no idea how to get from point A to point X. I figured that by 26, I'd be married, own a house, have a kick ass job and be planning the 3 or 4 children I was going to be a stay at home mom of.

Today, I am 26, and other than owning a house, I was way off. And you know? I couldn't be any happier. I have all the things I never thought I'd need and anything I could want. (Aside from a husband, that is) (I do have an eventual husband, which has to be enough for now)

Where were you 10 years ago today? What did you want out of life? Were you happy? Is there anything left of that 10-years-ago you in the right-now-as-you-are you? Does your life in any way resemble the plans you had for yourself then?

I can't wait to hear your stories!


Evil Stick Man said…
ten years ago today I was in my first day of band camp at a new college, having transferred out of the school that I started at my freshman year, living in a state to which I had never been for more than a night or two (thank you, junior corps) with zero friends and acquaintances. What I wanted out of life is what I essentially still want out of life, to get to a position where I don't have to live to work. Of course since that's an obvious wet dream, my more realistic goal was to break into video game development on the west coast, and maybe meet someone along the way. And to keep up playing my horn, which has always been one of my favorite ways to lose myself. I can't say I was happy, more nervous and unsure (and a little irked that I had had to leave behind all the guys at Beta and my friends at Kettering because of something so simple as lack of fundage).

Now, I look at myself and I see the same sarcastic ass I was then, more or less. Someone who will either make people laugh or piss them off with one snide comment too many. I was, and still am, driven to do as much as possible with the time I have available, but I tend to have a little less energy nowadays for the follow-through. To be honest, though, I think my life is about 80% of where I wanted it to be. I got the dream job I'd been working towards since I was 14, I met someone along the way who was willing to put up with my garbage for some reason, and while I'm not well off I'm certainly financially secure for the time being. However I didn't, and probably never will, get to move to a place where snow is an option as opposed to a fact of life, nor am I anywhere near as talented as I'd like to be in the musical pursuits (only so many hours in the day, and long work hours don't lead well into long practice hours when living with people who enjoy sleeping).
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