The beginning...

Please allow me to introduce myself... (and please, don't blame me for causing that song to be stuck in your head all day).

As of 12:24 on August 15th, I am a 26 year old, 5 foot tall, spunky, dark & twisty, preppy, hippie, hipster. I am so many different people that at times, I worry that my dad's schizophrenia/MPD IS actually genetic and that I am a little bit of everything, all rolled into one. (There, now you have another song to sing all day).

I am a motherless daughter. This alone gives me plenty of blogging material that should keep you all on the edge of your seats for minutes to come.

You are what you do, 'they' say, right? We'll, I get up at 5:30 in the morning every day. I get ready, albeit slowly. I drive an hour to work in which I talk to one of my girls - Katie, Kate, Jeni or Nicole. I work as a customer service agent for a polyurethane company. My job consists of about 10% customer service, 40% real work and 50% trying to look busy. At 5:00, I get back into my car and drive for another hour. I call whomever it was that I did not call that morning and head home.

Home consists of my tall, skinny, sexy, drummer boyfriend, our 3 cats and any friends that may be staying with us at the time. Some weekends we have up to 16 people sleeping in every room of our house. We own our house, which is one of the best and most tiring things to ever happen to me.

When I walk in the door, I'm greeted by Mau, our 25lb cat, who meows (LOUD NOISES) until I feed him. Stella is our little prissy bitch who is cuter than any of y'all's cats, hands down, and I'll fight you for that. She seems to love me all the time and only like Greg when he wants to play with her. Max, our black one, is a Bombay cat (Part Burmese, Part Siamese) and tends to require a lot of attention, he's Greg's. And then I get a big smooch from the aforementioned eventual hubby. Note: Eventual is a very broad term here. More on that later.

I make dinner, something yummy and mostly homemade. We eat said dinner and then he cleans the kitchen.

I head to bed about 9/9:30 every night. I read for about and hour and then I pass the fuck out. I require a lot of beauty sleep. :)

Rinse, Lather, Repeat.

Throw into that mix a ton of awesome, crazy, sexy, cool friends who I spend many, many hours with, Greg's marching in a competitive Drum & Bugle Corps, a huge family, a brand new house, my shopping addiction and you have a pretty awesome life.

I hope that the 3 of you who end up reading my blog enjoy my hippie soapbox rants, my trendy shopping advice, my hopeless romantic woes and my psychotic family stories. Above all, I am unlike anyone I have ever met. And if I met me, I'd be my best friend in an instant. ;) Stay tuned for the ins and outs my life. And thanks for dropping by.

For those about to rock, we salute you.


M3'slittlesis said…
ok so i didn't know that my name from my sisters blog would carry on to the others, wow how weird, i hope i can change that.

Anyways awesome blog!
Evil Stick Man said…
But mostly stay classy...

Kinda surprised my name won out. Looking forward to lurking on your blog

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