Did you know?

Did You Know? - I fell while snowboarding a month ago and tore my rotator cuff? I also have what's called an "impingement" which means my shoulder bone is crushing my muscle and causing me to be in pain, oh, about 24/7. Thank God for pain pills. :) That's why I'm MIA. That and work is crazy busy. I promise to put more time into posting regularly. :)

Did You Know? - Christmas was wonderful. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Mau loves Christmas - can't you tell?

Stella loves the tape -

Max loves the bows and Greg loves his Shop Vac

Leetle blurry, but cute!

Better. I got that vest that morning from Greg's mom and wore it all day.

Did You Know? - You can follow my blog? Look over there ---->
See where it says "Follow This Blog"? Click on that. Follow me. Show me the love. :) I'll bake you cookies. Or I'll buy them from the store and put them on a fancy plate and ACT like I baked you cookies. Either way, you win.

Did You Know? - I've run out of things to post today.

DON'T FORGET -Check this out.

As Kate would say - K.Thx.Bye.

A very Happy New Year to you and yours!

Misty Martini


Jess to the Lo said…
Do I get cookies for showing you love!?
calicobebop said…
Mmmmm, cookies... Time to go raid the After Christmas Leftovers!

Love the pics, Mau shows about as much enthusiasim as my own kitties! Cynics.

Happy New Year!

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