I'm bwowing wasbewwies Mussy!

Last night we were hanging out with G's family and his 3 year old cousin kept giving kisses to "baby Grace" and telling me how he was going to teach her to do puzzles and she would need to sit at her special table to eat (high chair) and he just went on and on.

Then he started blowing raspberries on my belly and giggling. He calls me Mussy and kept saying "Mussy, I'm gibbing baby Gwace wasbewwies". And then he'd do it again.

This is Evan -

He's the reason I wanted a boy at first. He's the most precious 3 year old I've ever known and sometimes I love him so much my heart just feels like it's going to explode. He was our ringbearer in the wedding and didn't walk down the aisle, he RAN. Isn't he adorable!?!?


Allison said…
He's a cutie pie!!

Check out my blog! I gave you an award :)

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