Week 20 - Half Way There!

It's ironic that at this moment, my best friend is in labor. I got pregnant half way through her pregnancy and on the exact 1/2 way point of mine, she is welcoming her new little one into the world. I cannot wait to meet him!

On to pictures! Thanks to everyone who's asked for them! Please excuse my bed-ragged look, I'm fighting a nasty cold. G was at the gym and I was bored, so I thought I'd take a picture or two. I need to do this weekly and keep forgetting!

First, I had the flash on. Not so good!

Here's from the side:

Please excuse the mess in our bedroom. Be glad you can't see what's to the left of me. (LAUNDRY!)

And a picture from the front. Some lady told me that from the front you can't tell I'm pregnant. Obviously she was just being nice. Or maybe she was distracted by my boobs, which were 34C and are now 34DD.

But there ya go, week 20 pictures!



~Ashlee~ said…
You look adorable :) Love the baby bumb and I can tell you are prego from the front... silly lady
Katie Kets said…
Happy halfway! I can't wait to be able to say that! You know have more weeks done then left! I cannot wait!!
I can't believe you are half way through already! You are such a cute little pg. lady. :-)

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