I {heart} wedding planning!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a planner. I make lists in my head of what needs to be done and how to accomplish everything in the most effective manner. Most people look at a long list of to-dos and run screaming and crying in the other direction. Some of you curl up into a little ball and rock while singing "I'm A Little Teapot". Me? I ENJOY crossing things off lists, mental or physical. Are you that way?

The downside? Sometimes I'm so caught up in crossing one thing off and moving on to the next that I forget to enjoy the process and what my ultimate goal is. The other downside? I have a tendency to stress out, bug out and snap. And I mean SNAP.

When we first bought our house I was under so much stress - Greg was marching Drum Corps which took up almost all his time. When he wasn't marching, he was at work. I was working full time at a brand new job and spending every waking moment trying to make our house a home.

One weekend we had friends over to celebrate the 4th of July. After putting the party together by myself and not having one minute to breath, someone pulled a stupid prank and I LOST IT. If I had pea soup in my body it would have come spewing from my ear, nose and mouth. It was over dramatic and totally embarrassing. Well, embarrassing to anyone who hadn't owned a home before or didn't know how much I was carrying alone.

After that happened, I sat down and told myself I wasn't going to lose sight of why I planned things - you plan a party to enjoy everyone's company and have a good time. And you know what? Every party we've had since has been a blast. I still feel as though everyone is watching me out of the corner of their eye to see if I'll snap again, but I've learned my lesson.

So planning a wedding, as huge of an undertaking it is? I'm loving it! I love getting together with my bridesmaids to talk about colors and dresses. The thought of sitting around a table with my family, friends and Greg's family to make our Save the Date cards and Table Numbers almost brings me to tears. The experiences I have had and will continue to have are so amazing and will form lasting memories for years and years to come.

One huge surprise in this whole thing? Greg is just as in to wedding planning as I am! No lie. He's constantly sending me wedding ideas and thoughts. He's let me bounce ideas off him and had valuable input as to the direction we're going.

I'm blessed to have been born with the ability to plan and now smart enough to not let it take over my whole being.

I'm sure the day will come when I cry or hide or want to give up planning a wedding at all. For now, I'm enjoying the wedding bliss.


calicobebop said…
Girl - I totally understand what you're talking about. I love crossing off items on my list and I can get way too caught up in "crossing off" and forget the big picture. But it sounds like you are going to enjoy the wedding planning business! Can't wait to hear all about it!

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