Has It Been A While?

Shore 'nuff, last time I posted something of actual relavance... oh wait, I haven't yet done so... Okay, well, the last time I posted something other than a "Tag, you're it!" or Contest (thanks to you, you, you, you and you! who entered and won!) was well, it was almost 2 haircuts and an orthodontist ago.

Oh, and a stalker cat to boot. (We'll get to that later)(maybe tomorrow?)

Life is good - busy, as you can probably tell by my lack of posting, but wonderfully good. Work is busy, the house is in one piece, we got some awesome snowboarding in before spring brought her wonderfully warm weather to our doorstep. All in all, life is grand.

There's the usual, bills, cleaning, laundry that never ends, but all in all, life has been fantastic.

Do you ever have those weeks where everything goes well? Sure, you have the normal snafus, but life, in general, is sunshine and roses? You have moments of clarity where you suddenly remember what life is all about, what and who are important. I have had that kind of week.

Maybe it's the weather - opening the windows and digging out my capris that, thank the clothing gods, still fit like a glove. Maybe even a loose glove...

Maybe part of it is being surrounded by wonderful friends and family. Knowing that the people who surround me are (finally) the people I know are going to support and love me, no matter what.

Maybe it's that work is better. I'm getting a grip on what needs to be done, how to do it and how to excel at it. I've made some rookie mistakes, but my uphill battle to be one of the gang is not as steep as it once was.

Maybe it's the out with the old and in with the new. Cleaning the house and packing away of all the wintery items we no longer need.

I have all of this energy to accomplish things and tackle the piles and piles of things that somehow, well, piled up over the colder months.

Whatever it is, I'm grabbing on to it with both hands and my feet (for good measure).


calicobebop said…
Good for you! Glad you're having a good week - nothing like the warm weather to improve one's outlook!

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